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Parish Church of St Luke - Holmes Chapel

December 2018 letter from our vicar, Revd Paul Mason

Dear friends,

I am sure that most of you will have heard by now that I am about to hang up my dog collar and retire. It has not been an easy decision but I am sure it is the right one. It’s the right time for me and more importantly it is the right time for the church. I am now 67, well past the official retiring age, and in February I would have been vicar here for fifteen years. That is a long time and is longer than most incumbencies. There is so much I am going to miss but I now look forward to a retirement without the responsibilities that come as vicar. I am sure there will be opportunities for ministry in my retirement. My final Sunday with you will be 30th December.

I have loved living in Holmes Chapel and I have loved being the vicar here. St Luke’s is such a warm welcoming church family and I take with me so many happy memories. The support I have received here has been amazing. I cannot possibly thank everyone but I would like to say a special thank you to all the churchwardens who have served during my incumbency. All have been dedicated, talented and supportive so I say to them - thank you so much. I also want to give public recognition to the two Readers who have ministered alongside me. I offer grateful thanks to Diane Redwood and Anne Smith for their ministries which have been so appreciated by the church family and myself. During the interregnum the bulk of the responsibilities for the day to day running of St Luke’s falls on the churchwardens. I know you will give Alastair and Jayne your full support as they take on that extra responsibility. The church is in very good hands and with the team they have around them I am confident that the interregnum will run very smoothly. You will be kept informed of how the church is run during the interregnum and how the process works in choosing my successor.

This month we celebrate one of our great Christian festivals – Christmas. There are lots of services for you to choose from. Do join us as we hear again the story with which we are so familiar and may it inspire us again in our faith to follow Christ and remain faithful to Him.

Wishing you God’s richest blessing this Christmas and in the New Year.

With love and thanks, Your friend Paul

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