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Parish Church of St Luke - Holmes Chapel

February 2019 Letter from your Churchwardens during the vacancy:

As I write this letter, I can't quite believe that another month has flown by already. Christmas and New Year celebrations are well behind us and it was a time where we saw very busy services, including great attendance at our Christingle Services, culminating with Paul's last service.  

We have started our interregnum (with no major glitches!), we have started our process for finding a new Vicar and, of course, our Christmas decorations have been taken down now and put into storage for yet another year.

I noticed as I was walking around the village at Christmas doing card deliveries just how many people decorate their houses in Christmas lights as they get into the Christmas spirit with joyful attitudes.  Once the lights are packed away though, that joyful spirit can sometimes diminish.  In the same way as the Christmas lights, some Christians only let their lights truly shine once a year and then keep it well hidden for the other eleven months ....will you be able to be a light for Christ 365 days this year?

We would like to thank all those people that helped through the entire Christmas period - the church looked wonderful, as always, and this cannot be achieved without a team effort.  

Thank you to you all.

This month we will be celebrating Valentine's Day where we show others that we care for them. The shops are full of cards and gifts and could be viewed as purely another commercial event, however did you know that this day is actually to remember a Christian hero?  

Valentine was a 3rd century Christian who lived near Rome.  The Roman Emperor Claudius II decreed that all young men should be soldiers and, to be more effective, should not marry until leaving the military. Valentine was arrested and imprisoned for performing Christian marriages and preaching about one true God.  He believed that no man, even the king, had the right to stop people marrying.  Whilst in prison people used to pass notes to Valentine with words of encouragement and support, and these in effect became the first Valentines.

Unfortunately, it didn't end well for Valentine himself, he was beheaded for continuing to spread the word of God, and so when you are out shopping and see the raft of cards and gifts, please spare a thought for Valentine and remember that February 14th is also a day that honours God and those who love him and obey him.

We would like to thank all those people that have offered support and prayers to myself, Jayne and the Wardens team.  This is always encouraging, and we continue to ask for this support.

May the Lord continue to guide us all through 2019.

Alastair Cragg and Jayne Weaver - on behalf of the Wardens team