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March 2019 Letter from your Churchwardens - Countdown to Easter

It feels like we were only just talking about Christmas and yet now Spring is just around the corner; the bulbs have starting coming up and Easter is fast approaching.  This means that we start the countdown, or rather the important build-up, to the most significant event in our calendar, Easter Day. The build-up to Easter, namely Lent, has significant importance as it is a period where we traditionally think carefully about our life and endeavour to live God’s way, remembering all that Jesus did.

The whole build-up starts on Tuesday 5th March with Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day as it is more commonly known, where eggs and other foods that have been stored are all used up at a celebration event where feasting is very much expected.  Following the feasting of Shrove Tuesday, we have Ash Wednesday where a period of fasting, or rather a restriction of our indulgences, begins.  Traditionally this fasting/restriction should help us all to remember that we should be focussing on those things that God wants us to do and not on those things that we want to do.  We need to resist our cravings and temptations…which is often much easier to say than to actually do! Just as Jesus was in the desert for 40 days and was tempted, will you be able to resist temptations during the Lent season this year?

As an alternative however, I am reminded of a few recent sermons by Rick which have left me with many takeaway messages, one of which is that whilst we are, without exception, imperfect people and flawed, we are all unconditionally accepted in God’s eyes just as we are.  If we think about this for a moment, in conjunction with the real meaning of Lent –‘to feel closer to God’, we would propose that rather than giving something up, an alternative could be that we concentrate on accepting who we are right now with all our flaws, and do something additional during Lent.  

Taking on something new doesn’t need to be all-consuming – it is about quality and not quantity!  Maybe you could take five minutes each day for quiet prayer time, commit to a daily bible reading, attend morning prayer during the week or join the Friday Lent lunches.  We are pleased to say that this year there will also be a series of short 30-minute music/organ recitals in Church each Friday in Lent from 13.15 to 13.45 (starting March 8th).  There are plenty of options to choose from and we are sure there is something suitable for all of us!

So whether you manage to resist temptation, increase your individual contemplative time, join in fellowship together, or share and listen to music with others in church, may your Lent activity further enhance and add to who you are today and help you feel closer to God.

May the Lord continue to guide us all through 2019.

Alastair Cragg and Jayne Weaver - on behalf of the Wardens team

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