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Parish Church of St Luke - Holmes Chapel

Thank you to Paul from the congregation of St Luke’s

December 2018

Dear Paul,

It was with sadness (and some surprise) that we learned that you would be retiring at the end of December.  We will miss you and would like to thank you for everything you have done for the congregation of St Luke’s during your ministry here since 2004.

You have guided us spiritually with your services and sermons, making us smile with your frequent references to Bolton Wanderers FC and the plans for your next cruise.   We thank you for inspiring Anne and Gail in their ministry; the three of you, along with Ron made a formidable team.

There have been many baptisms and weddings to celebrate, including some from our own Church family.  Through your services of Christingle, Christmas, Advent, Easter, Harvest and Remembrance you have shown us the grace of God’s love.

You have guided us through some difficult and emotional funerals, including that of your beloved wife, Sue.  We have experienced deaths of young people from our community, but you have spoken words of comfort and hope to both believers and non-believers.  When we have lost somebody dear to us you have given us support and strength in our time of sadness.

Paul, you have contributed so much to St Luke’s including the introduction of the Networking group which continues to support the members of the church and makes newcomers feel welcome and included.   You have championed the inclusion of a variety of music in the services to inspire us in our worship.  We thank you for your support of the many groups within our church, especially Genesis.


You offered your blessing and full support for the physical development of the church building and hence we have celebrated a new roof, refurbished windows, new chairs for the choir and clergy, the introduction of video in church, an extension to the churchyard and the refurbishment of the church hall kitchen.

We will miss you tremendously but wish you God’s blessing as you meet the challenge of leaving your home of fifteen years and the start of a new chapter in your life.  On behalf of the Church Council and all the congregation, we pray you have a long, happy and healthy retirement.

God bless!